Gary Moore

Introducing Gary Moore.

Gary Moore has made his mark as a steel pan mallet maker with his careful attention to detail and his use of unique materials designed to produce superior pan sound.  He has handmade all of the mallets sold by VistaPan for the last 8 years, including the exceptional and innovative Artist Series mallets.  Gary knew that players in a large steel band had very different requirements from that of the professional steel pan player, who is often in small or solo settings as well as  recording sessions where a pure, rich steel pan tone is most noticeable.  Performers have enthusiastically embraced Gary’s Artist mallets for their clearer sound that is richer and fuller than that produced by traditional style wood or metal mallets. 

Like everyone at VistaPan, Gary plays steel pans.  From the very start of the company, he has contributed greatly to the new ideas about product, service and shipping that has made VistaPan the first choice for steel bands and steel pan musicians around the world. 





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