All New Pans Are Tuned Before Shipping Free Of Charge

For future tunings please choose one of the following options:

Tuning Service – Standard
Regular tuning is required with all pans. Generally, we recommend tuning at least once a year. Our Standard Tuning Service includes one complete tuning for any instrument purchased from VistaPan. Shipping cost both ways is the responsibility of the client.

Tuning Service – Contract Special
The Contract Special, for U.S. customers only, is our most comprehensive and cost effective solution for keeping your VistaPan instrument in tune. Within a two year period from the date of purchase, we will provide your first two complete tunings including free return shipping. Additionally, we will provide two one-note touch ups at no charge*. Average savings is up to $150.00 compared to the Standard Tuning Service plus free* one-note touch ups if needed.

*Client is responsible for shipping cost both ways for free one-note touch ups.

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