Vista Pan cases

Steel Pans Hybrid Case

Cases – Professional Hybrid Case
The Professional Hybrid case is available for Lead, Double Second, Double Tenor, Cello, Guitar and Bass steel pans. All steel pans (steel drums), if they are going to be transported regularly, require a case. Dropping a steel pan can be a serious matter. It can put the instrument out of tune or even irreparably damage one or more notes. Bumping the instrument can also be damaging. The Padded Hybrid Case is constructed of dense foam padding, durable fabric and a hard high-density insert on both sides to protect the notes.

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VistaPan’s Professional Hybrid Case Demonstration



Covers – Vinyl
An absolute necessity for the professional player, this cover provides protective coverage of  playing surface when the steel pan is not in use. Made of durable water resistant gray vinyl, the cover can help discourage unintended strikes that could result in costly damage.

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