VistaPan Steel Pan Demos

vistapan steel pans demos

VistaPan Steel Pans  – Please use headphones for the best quality! 


gloss-black-steel-pansHi-Gloss Black Low C Lead (Tenor) Steel Pan-Steel Drum

This model is the most popular steel pan from VistaPan Steel Instruments.  The Hi-Gloss Black Low C Lead has more sustain and resonance than painted or powder coat steelpans and at a very reasonable price for a quality full size steel drum.  The attractive finish is also extremely durable with little maintenance required.  Each of our steel pans is tuned to exacting requirements and then receives a final tuning as well as an additional ship-day tuning to ensure the best possible tonal quality.  


chrome-steel-pansChrome Low C Lead (Tenor) Steel Pan – Steel Drum

The regular Chrome Low C Lead steel pan by VistaPan Steel Instruments is in use by steel bands and orchestras around the world.  Attention to detail and dedicated teamwork by artisans has yielded a much desired steelpan with a full, bright tone and consistent balance.  Chroming creates a tight bond to the metal of a steel drum, allowing the notes to vibrate more freely.  The result is better sustain and attack characteristics than can be achieved by steel pans without a chrome finish. 

VistaPan Double Second

VistaPan makes 4 models of the Double Second steel pan instrument, which has a note range between the Leads (Tenors) and the Cello steel pans.  The Artist Series model is highly prized by professional players and soloists who need to perform with the very best.  There is a Hi-Gloss Chrome model with an extra full sound, a regular Chrome model and the Hi-Gloss Black model shown in this video.  The Chrome models have somewhat more bite and brilliance, but the difference in sound is not nearly as large as between a Hi-Gloss Black Lead and a Chrome model Lead, since the sustain characteristics of the Hi-Gloss Black Double Second are excellent.  The Chrome double second models have a more sizzling bright sound, which is highly desired, but the darker tone of the Hi-Gloss Black model Double Seconds can be heard more distinctly from the sound of the Lead steel pans in a larger steel band setting. They are cost effective, have a beautiful Hi-Gloss finish and a warm buoyant tone.   

VistaPan Single Cello 

The beautiful deep cello tones of this steel pan instrument offer a low cost solution to starting a steel band with as many players as possible. It starts from Low D, only one half step higher than a Double Guitar. The VistaPan Single Cello has all 12 notes, which allows the player to perform the primary function of Cellos and Guitars of  “strumming” any chord in any key.  Learning and teaching is easier because the "cycle of fifths" note pattern is very similar to that of Low C Lead or Tenor steel pans.  With only one barrel, this is the most portable and easy to set-up of all the Cello and Guitar steel pans.  



  Here is a quick showing of VistaPan’s Economy Steel Pan Stand. 

 Here is a quick showing of VistaPan’s Professional Steel Pan Stand.   

  Here is a quick showing of VistaPan’s BEST Steel Pan Stand for Schools. 

 VistaPan’s Professional Hybrid Case